Black Disciples Endowment Fund Grant- Mid-report /Post Award Report

After the grant is awarded, the grantee must submit this completed report to the Board of Trustees at the mid-way point of the project term or grant period and upon completion of the project or end of the grant period.

Fields and options marked with an asterisk (*) below are required to complete your application.


This Report Period


Briefly summarize the progress of the project since the grant award or since the last report. In the project narrative, please address the following:

Note: We encourage you to include testimonies or human interest stories about the project. You may also include programs, reviews, relevant news clippings, or other evidence of your acknowledgment of BDEF [Black Disciples Endowment Fund] support.


The Board of Trustees reserves the right to request grantees to provide evidence that BDEF grant award is being used for approved purposes.

Note: Attach any explanations or financial information/documents deemed necessary to show compliance with the proposed budget or changes/deviation from the proposed budget.


I affirm under penalty of perjury that to the best of my knowledge and belief all information in this report is true, correct, and complete. 

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